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Internship Massage for the Public

All Texas massage therapy schools are required to have a student internship program.  Programs vary from school to school.

After our students have completed their classroom training, they are required to perform a 50-hour internship will include 40 hours of hands on client massage under the guidance of an instructor. The purpose of the internship is to provide the massage student with practical experience in working with clients in a clinical setting, in order to prepare them for a professional massage therapy practice.

Key Benefits to the Public

  • Opportunity to try massage at a reduced rate.
  • Ability to see different therapist styles.
  • Possibility to find a therapist that is right for you.
  • $35 gets you a 1 1/2 hour student massage.

  • Private, individual rooms


Here is how it works.

When you call, your name will be placed on a call list that the students use to set appointments.   They go down the list in a "first come, first serve" order.  When they call they will see if both parties availability match.  If so, the appointment is made.  If not, they will call the next person on the list.

Students manage their own appointments.  Therefore appointment times can vary from 9a.m.  until 8p.m. on weekdays and on some Saturdays.

There are a limited number of appointments.  Each student is limited to performing 34 massages.  These massages can only be performed during the internship period of the training program.  This period is the last 50 hours of training.  

Contact us if you would like to be put on the fax/mailing list.  You would then be notified where a class was starting their internship.



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