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Save $1000 on tuition. 

(Details may be found in the Course Catalog.)


Click here for the link to the Texas Department of State Health Services list of registered schools in Texas.


Sorry, but we do not accept Title IV (FASFA, PELL) federal funding.



Now registering for May 7th day class.

Registration begins April 1st for June 4th night class.


This massage therapy training program consists of the 500 hours required by the Texas Department of State Health Services to become registered as a massage therapist with the State. Upon successful completion of the massage therapy training program, the student is prepared for any one of the national massage therapy examination.


The course requirements are as follows:

Massage Techniques

200 hrs.

Human Anatomy

  50 hrs.

Human Physiology

  25 hrs


  50 hrs


  40 hrs


  20 hrs.

Business Practices, Ethics, Laws

  45 hrs.

Human Health, Hygiene. First Aid

  20 hrs.

Internship Program

  50 hrs.

Total Hours

500 hr


Tool and aids

In addition to the textbook, workbook and coloring book, we have a variety of other teaching aids.  These include anatomical models, charts, videos, computer programs, computer-based testing, a hydrotherapy room and much more!

We provide EVERYTHING that you will need in order to complete our program.  You will not need to purchase equipment or supplies, it is all included.  Our motto, "If we ask something of you, we will provide a means to accomplish it." 





Classes are held in two different courses of instruction for the Massage Training Program. The student/teacher ratio will be no greater than 8 to 1

Mornings - Monday through Thursday from 9:00AM to 1:00 PM for a total of about 38 weeks depending on the Internship program.

May 7th, 2012

Evenings – Monday through Thursday from 6:00PM to 10:00 PM for about 38 weeks depending on the internship Program.

June 4th, 2012

These Schedules include a 50 Hr. internship. The internship must be completed within 3 weeks from the last day of class. 


Classes form for the next available 1st Monday of a month where there is not a class in session during that time of the day.

If a class does not materialize or is canceled by MTTC, 100 percent of the Registration Fee and all prepaid Tuition will be refunded.

A class is classified as “made” when there are at least two (2) enrolled students, five days prior to the class start date.

A “made” class will be “canceled” if there is not a minimum of two (2) enrolled students on the first day of class.



1) Read all of the information listed on this webpage.

2) Download the Course Catalog and review it.

3) Go to Texas Dept of State Health Services Website and review the rules.

4) Make an appointment, and attend a Student Interview (described below).

5) Follow the application process described during the interview.




Yes, there is an interview.  You should be given the chance to interview us and we should be given the chance to interview you.  This is a big decision that should not be taken lightly.  Each school has a different "personality".  

In order to insure compliance with DSHS rules for admission documentation:

(Click here to view the Admission Rules)

You will be provided with all the information (catalog, tour, costs, expectation, etc...) at one time during your scheduled interview.  In this manner we can be assured that you have received all of the information required by the State of Texas.


You should "check out" all the schools to see which is the best "fit". 

Click here for the link to the Texas Department of State Health Services list of registered schools in Texas.



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